SoGreen Socado – Our Commitment

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their ones.
Sustainable development emphasizes the evolution of human society from an economically responsible point of view, in accordance with environmental and natural processes.
In society, the only constant is change. The transformation and innovation, at the base of every evolution, has pushed us to interact with different cultural spheres, even apparently distant ones, naturally leading us to grasp and anticipate the spirit of the times. Today this is no longer enough: it is necessary to be actors of change, with the flexibility to translate the demands of the market and society into concrete actions that guide our way of doing business

The Socado Sustainability Plan uses a 'system approach' that can be classified into:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Social sustainability
  • Sustainability through the product
  • Sustainability through packaging

For each system, the path, already undertaken, that Socado wants to maintain and the future objectives that we want to achieve together, have been identified with a view to continuous improvement.

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